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Ramen: Focus on Taste

We had a 30 minutes layover at the Fukuoka airport to take the connecting flight to Ishigaki – more than enough for a quick slurp of Yasuko’s favorite ramen style, tonkotsu. And as we are at an airport, the usual food service efficiency needs, bien évidemment , to be cranked up a notch or two.

It took precisely 4 minutes from “Yes I do” (want ramen) to the first slurp.

Just respectfully …

  • chose your version of ramen and pay for the voucher at the vending machine
  • move to your own private ramen booth
  • shout “sumimasen” (excuse me) to get the waiters attention
  • hand over the voucher with some extra instructions (for those in the know)
  • wait 2.5 minutes until that steaming bowl flies to you

And now, ladies and gentlemen, close your eyes, lower your heartbeat (oooohm), ignore any funny noises around you, overclock your taste buds and follow the second instruction on the ramen manual sticker on your left which reads: “Focus on Taste” 🇯🇵🍜


Going nuts over a bowl of ramen @ Ichiryuan

At 11h30 in the morning Yasuko and I think about lunch. It is cold this morning and a nice steaming bowl of noodle may warm us up. Ramen it shall be.

You think ramen is a portion of egg noodles, in a broth with some other stuff in it? Think again…

Ramen is an art form. Every ramen shop has its little secret, a special broth, the perfect noodle, refined toppings and all of it cooked with pride and perfect timing.

We decided to skip hundreds of other good lunch options and headed for that one place with excellent rating recommended by the front office staff, for “miso ramen” à la Hokkaido.

If a ramen restaurant is good, you have to queue. No queue, no good. So we waited patiently for half an hour, moving one waiting seat to the left at a time whenever somebody was let in. Meanwhile we had enough time to study the menu to decide which ramen it shall be and to buy the appropriate ticket at the vending machine.

Of course, a restaurant with a meal ticket vending machine has hundreds of tables, right? No, ONLY 16 seats, that is!

The lovely waitress collects those tickets, give or take 2.6 minutes before our estimated time of access to the pleasure dome so that the kitchen can mentally prepare for the ramen ahead. The result is a minimum waiting time once you sit down at the table.

And here we go – noodle slurping. This is the moment when I love to glimpse over to Yasuko. The first few ramen followed by a spoon of broth and her face says it all. It said “oishii”, delicious. The world around it eclipses and for a moment, there is nothing but the steaming bowl and its temporary owner.

If you get a chance, give it a try: www.ichiryuan.com