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Marugame Sanuki Udon

It happens frequently when I am in Japan. We go to a restaurant with simple, super tasty food and I want to open such a restaurant in Switzerland. Simple, efficient and tasty! The reason for the mental business plan this time is the well-known udon chain called “Marugame Sanuki Udon”.

You get into the restaurant and pass the udon production corner first. You move on to where the different options are explained, It’s always Udon. You may vary the quantity of udon, the broth or the topings. That is pretty much it. The udon is cooked on the the spot and handed over to you. Probably not much more than two minutes after we got in.

Then there is that not so healthy, but oh so tasty choice of freshly fried tempuras to go along with it: squid, chicken, veggi mix, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc. Chicken is my favorite and sweet potatoes Yasuko’s.  Each costs only Yen 100 to 130 per piece (about 1$)!

Then at the end you pour soup stock yourself on cooked udons, and help yourself with a mountain of fresh Negi (spring onions) and Tenkasu (fried stuff) on top.

Most basic udons cost only Yen 290. Even when you add two tempuras, it amounts to Yen 500 – 600, roughly 5$.
Why don’t we have this in Switzerland : ( ? We certainly would charge 3 times the price over here.

After the meal, I was gluing to the window of the restaurant to see the cooking process and to fantasize about my future udon shop I would open with Pierre in Switzerland….