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The Manta Dive

Oh… an unexpected blue sky and tropical sunshine… that’s a promising start.

Ishigaki is one of the most popular diving sites in Japan and famous for manta watching.  Philippe had high hopes to see a manta or two : ) but April is not the prime manta season but they are still seen once every other dive.

Our friendly and efficient B&B host recommended a good dive shop which was available for a dive with only two of us.

The first dive was offshore from the Yonehara 米原 beach. Yesterday I did snorkeling at that same beach and the water was so crystal-clear that I could see butterflyfish and other colorful tropical fish just few meters off the beach.

After managing a back-roll-entry from the boat (no problem for Philippe but a little challenging for me), there was lots of fish hovering over the tennis court sized “Ginger corals”. Our guide pointed out tiny, adorable and transparent 5 clownfish babies.

On Ishigaki there are two Manta viewing sites, “Manta City” and “Manta Scramble”.  On our second dive the boat headed for Manta City. There was a bit of queuing as not more than five boats are allowed to dive at the same time not to disturb mantas.

Under the maximum 25-meter deep water are several small and large coral hills and narrow channels in between. Manta usually appears on the top of these hills to “clean their bodies” and divers wait at the bottom. It was a complex geological underwater formation and interesting to dive around, a bit like hiking in the water.

While waiting, we dived around these hills and watched marine animals hovering and hiding in narrow channels. We also sighted a beautiful tortoise resting on the seafloor. It let us watch for a while and then swam away gracefully into to the deep blue.

Time is up and our guide signaled us to surface. No Manta today : (

Once we got on the boat and dropped our tank, our guide who was still in the water suddenly popped his head and shouted to us, “Manta is there!”

Philippe and I quickly grabbed our snorkel and jumped back into the water. And there it was… a large manta (around 3 meter) is gliding away not far from our boat. Magnificent!

Philippe was all smiles on the way back  : )

The Purity Diving Team


Iriomote Diving

Okinawa is a great nature destination – above and below sea level. We decided to follow our B&B host Kiyoko’s recommendation and booked a two dive outing with Take Diving. Pick-up at the BnB, cool.

Take Diving has a great boat with a changing room, a toilet, hot water shower, and a well established procedure including a dive site briefing. Satoko-san, our friendly instructor, was a bit afraid that the wetsuit and the fins would not fit my size. It did … just.

The first dive at a site called “Flower Garden” is a shallow dive (max. 15m) to get used to the underwater equipment again. As the name of the Flower Garden suggests, large colorful corals spread like flowers under the water with countless tiny blue, red and yellow fish hovering around. Even through relatively weak sunlight, I (Yasuko) felt like being in a fantasy world and wanted to be part of it and float in the water forever…

Nice bento lunch and a quick snorkel around Baraso Island – a super tiny island purely made of corals.

With a bit more confidence (especially for Yasuko) we set out for the second dive at a location called Offshore Nakano (max 25m). We moved around in a spectacular setting made of many mini valleys, small tunnels, coral corridors and caves where Satoko-san pointed out all those many creatures we would otherwise never have spotted. One of such animals was a one-eyed little fish which Take-san, the owner of the diving school, observes for 8 years already. Interesting.

In the evening we were invited to Take-san’s house for today’s dive video viewing and local booze tasting of Awamori.  Take-san and Satoko explained again the fish we observed during the dives and we were awed the second time by the beauty of the colorful, tiny yet amazing underwater creatures.

We dove in many countries but we concluded that Take Diving is the most professional, best-equipped dive shop we ever chartered. However, we have no other Iriomote dive school to compare to. There may be other good ones around.

Phone: +81 9808 56871 / www.takedive.com (not well done)

Diving in Playa Larga

At the first sight this beach town looked forlorn and run-down. We looked at each other and talked about moving to another destination. But once we started diving, we changed our mind completely!

Between Playa Larga and Playa Giron there are more than 10 dive sites where you can simply put on diving gear, walk over the sandy beach and swim over to fantastic dive spots. No need for takig a boat was a great relief especially for me, because I get easily seasick :((

The water is cobalt-blue and we had superb visibility. Fish is abundant and swimming around you all the time. We saw crab, langoustine, lionfish, barracuda, enormous green moray eels and numerous schools of blue striped grunts. It was idyllic to see a big school of blue fish streaming down to the coral wall in front of you. The walls were impressive – it is said 300 m deep and it is a bit scary, you feel like you would get sucked in the blue-dark abyss…

In the end we dived two days and did a total of 4 dives at Punta Perdiz and Cueva de los Peces. Our dive guide was a young blond Cuban called Jankierl. He was friendly and helpful, especially because I (Yasuko) did not dive almost two years and was a bit nervous at the first dive – the rather rusty tanks and did not help neither :-).

For the rest of our stay we hanged out in the terrace of our casa, Kiki Hostel.