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Table d’Hôte Chez Nadine à Las Terrenas

We had a very nice private dinner at Nadine’s House in Las Terrenas. Nadine is a well known in the village (and beyond) for her excellent patisserie. Many restaurants and shops are buying her products. We often went to a specific restaurant or shop in the past just because they carried her sweet sins. But Nadine also offers to cook a fine meal for private parties at her pretty house hidden on the hills behind the village. It was a lovely evening and a different experience to remember.

Collapse and Destruction of a Chocolate Desert

We had a wonderful evening at the Restaurant Grillmarkadurinn in Reykjavik. To finish that great meal, a few of us had

served with mascarpone sabayone, warm caramel and coffee ice cream

Delicious! Those of us who first decided not to go for it, ordered once they saw the piece of art we got served. Look how it is presented and what happens after the hot caramel is poured over the chocolate sphere. A beauty.

What happens next is less beautiful but nevertheless impressive and impossible to put in words… watch the movie…


Pierre and Yasuko going for some popular Japanese sweets. Warabi Mochi is that green rice based treat with a tea after taste. and Mitarashi Dango a water and rice flour dough coated with a sugar and soy sauce mix. Not my cup of tea :-). But Pierre and Yasuko love it.  Acquired a taste, it must be.