After sending off blister-suffering Pierre to the hotel by taxi, Yasuko and I strolled in a quiet lantern-lit stone-paved quarter to the Yasaka Shrine.  The crowd of daytime tourists was gone by the time and the area very atmospheric. The shrine was illuminated by lots of paper lanterns as some Japanese were coming by to pray at night.

The Kyoto night life was in full swing. On the way back to the hotel there were zillions of attractive bars and restaurants so many that we couldn’t visit them all in a lifetime!

The check-in procedure is typically accompanied by a couple of nervous “oh-oh-ohs” when the host sees the size of my shoes and my length. A couple of seconds later, “beam me up Scotty” style, she’s back with slippers I can get at least half my foot in and a Yukata in super oversize. From then on it’s just about not bumping my head everywhere 🙂

If you want to take the one gondola into the Japanese alps at Shinhodskaonsen, you first need to buy a wicket. If you also buy a meal coupon, you may consider bending it. There is a friendly machine assisting…


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