One-day Tour in North Vancouver

After our wonderful 9-day family cruise in South East Alaska, Phil and Ya headed to the north of Vancouver Island for a few hiking days in a remote and wild area. Yasuko is in heaven!

In the meantime, the rest of the crew (Mita, Zenon, Lia, Luca, Nicolas and Nicole) are spending 6 days in Vancouver.

Today we went to discover North Vancouver and its natural beauty. The scenery reminded us of the Lake Walensee in Switzerland. Very similar but everything much wider.

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Alaska Day 8: Sailing south towards Sitka

Today we were experiencing the true Alaskan weather for the first time – rain and mist.

Since last night we sailed from the Glacier Bay Park down south. Captain Eric looked for a quiet cove for kayaking and anchored eventually. It was raining but we were happy to be out on the water. The water was, to my surprise, not that cold and clear. Lots of gigantic kelps were tangled under the water. Continue reading “Alaska Day 8: Sailing south towards Sitka”

Alaska Day 7: Glacier Bay National Park Visitor Center

On our way to Sitka, we were accompanied by two female rangers who gave us some additional insight into the surrounding nature and how to preserve it. One of them rangers started to sing a few songs.

We stopped at the Glacier Bay Visitor Center for a short but pretty stroll and a visit of the museum and lodge. There were may be 100 or more people sitting in the visitor center lobby but mostly for the free public internet. I have rarely seen so many people glued behind a screen.

The visitor center displays a huge re-articulated humpback whale skeleton. How this whale number 68 got here and how it was re-articulated makes an interesting read.


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