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Eataly 🇮🇹

This trip unexpectedly turned into a fantastic food adventure. The best I can remember (outside Japan, that is). Ohhh… these black smoked gnocchi with truffel and asparagus were to die for and the gnocco fritto a surprising start into a  great meal.


A beautiful town of Spoleto, with the hilltop fortress, an impressive medieval bridge “Ponte delle Torri” built on a Roman aqueduct, and tasty focaccia…

Flying at Monte Morcia

The actual flying place is called “La Bandita” on Monte Morcia in Marche. For some unknown reasons, modellers refer to it as Monte Catria in Umbria (even Monte Catria is in Marche). Interesting piece of trivia.

I enjoyed two days of excellent flying conditions. This is the best place for alpine model RC soaring I know.

Castello di Santa Giuliana

We spent two nights at Caroline and Marius’s place in Umbria. The “place” is a piece of a marvelously renovated, beautifully lost and fantastically located, remote hamlet called “Borgo di Santa Giuliana” solely reachable through a 30 minutes gravel-road drive from Umbertide.

Marius joked, we thought, that they would close the gate to prevent wild boars from getting in. It wasn’t a joke. I sighted a small group of boars searching for food right down the castle walls.

Monte Baldo Modell Glider Flying

Getting up to the Monte Baldo (1752m) from the lake side is easy. The Funivie (Cabin) brings me up to the top and another 10 minutes of walking to the flying spot “Colma di Malcesine”. A huge mountain shoulder with enough space to land even the biggest models.

A fellow model glider pilot told me that he was able to fly DS with speeds up to 350km/h at one end of the shoulder. But as it is easy to get up, the many day tourists make safe dynamic soaring possible only after the last cabin has gone down.

For me it was pleasant thermal flying and safe landing against the slope with a Shinto J and a Thermik XXXL.

Akashi Shokudo – (not just) a Bowl of Ramen


So here we go again. After many noodle meals in Okinawa already, Yasuko came up with one more “impossible to leave this island without sampling these noodles” restaurant.

It has won prices and is all over the social networks galaxy. A must. It opens at 11 in the morning and the queue easily grows to a one-hour game of patience. 

To avoid a queue and make sure to get on the first round, one recommends to get there half an hour before the opening time. So we were at 10:35 in front of this local, rather unexciting and non-descriptive noodle joint, beating all other noodle-crazy Japanese : ) Philippe secured the first seats outside this eating place and noted down our names at the top of the waiting list.  Yes!

While waiting, cars and mini-vans appeared from all directions into this tiny village with otherwise no attraction – a fascinating spectacle. After all theses years of visiting Japan, it is still amazing, heart warming and surprising to see how (good) food drives a nation…

At exactly 11:00 we were promptly ushered into a simply-decorated restaurant and we made our order which we could study to the details while waiting. There are only around five menu options : )

Philippe’s choice was Soki soba, an Okinawa speciality consisting of noodles with fatty pork cooked so long that the pork melts in the mouth. All of served in a fantastic pork broth. 

Yasuko ordered vegetable soba with salt soup base, which came with a mountain of cooked cabbage. 

The total bill for both of us was 14 USD. We did not linger in the place because we felt obligated to free up space for over 20 people waiting outside in the heat….