Last day in Vancouver Island – Strathcona Provincial Park

After yesterday’s long hike, we settled for short walks in the Gold River area on our last day in Strathcona Provincial Park.

The first stroll led us to “Lady Falls”. Bigger than expected, we stood on the falls viewpoint platform and were splashed by the mist and the cold morning breeze. It did not take us long to feel cold and head back.

At the next stop called “Elk River Viewpoint”, we walked to the elk observation platform to observe absolutely no elk. However, we were pleased to see magnificent King’s Peak (2065m) close by.

At the trailhead of the 7-hour Elk River Trail which we obviously did not do, we met and talked with a Canadian carpenter from Cortes Island. He came to hike the Elk River Trail and camp overnight. We had a long and interesting talk about logging, Cortes Island and American politics.

Our last stop was Lupins Falls. This forest was full of tall cedar trees, somewhat different from other parts of the park. The falls were rather small but tranquil.

To close the day, we walked to the beach of Buttle Lake, sat down at the beach and enjoyed the wind and the waves gently splashing against the shore.

Adios Vancouver Island…

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