Myra Falls Hike

Lower Myra Falls

Today’s first hike spot in the Strathcona Provincial Park is Lower Myra Falls. We had to drive from the lodge to the end of Buttel Lake and around it. We saw hardly any other car on the road but when we arrived at the trailhead, surprise, we were not alone!

Myra Falls was created by an earthquake in ancient times and the water was gushing 70 meters down through the cracks on the rocks. The beautiful green stream was flowing down on the smooth stones and I did not get tired of watching it.

There was a flat and spacious rock surface and many people were enjoying the view or picnicking on sunny Saturday. A group of young men had to prove their manliness to jump into the cold water.

Upper Myra Falls Hike, 6km, 2h

The Lower Myral Falls walk was so short that I needed to walk more. We drove further to the Upper Myra Falls Trail.

Then we came to the security point of the mine, where a friendly mine staff asked to register our car for security reason. Our hike trailhead is after the mine. Beyond the security control, an enormous mine site soon appeared and took us completely by surprise. We did not expect at all to see this in the middle of nowhere, particularly inside Strathcona Provincial Nature Park!

Still being amazed that our trail is practically next to the site, we parked our car at the trailhead and stood and soon found ourselves in a very beautiful,  lush forest with large ferns and velvety moss. Fallen gigantic cedars and hammocks are kept untouched, rot slowly and provide nutrition for a new generation of trees. Our feet sank into the soft soil while walking. Nice. The setting reminded us of Yakushima, one of our favorite places in Japan. Compared to Lower Myra Falls which has an easy access, there were few hikers and the place made us feel afar from civilization.

At the end of our hike there was a small waterfall, but quaint and picturesque.  We were content, listening to the sound of water and having the stillness to ourselves.

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