Automatic Flight Timer with OpenTX 2.2 and Vario

The below setup allows to totally forget about switching timers and provides accurate air time information at the end of a flight or the day.

All you need is two triggers to tell OpenTX when to activate (On) and when to deactivate (Off) the timer. Many triggers are imaginable. I used the following for my pure gliders:

On Trigger: Moving rudder and aileron at the same time in any direction
Off Trigger: Vertical speed (TELEx:VSpd) is very small for at least 10 seconds

The off trigger only works if you have a receiver with vario (e.g. G-RX8 / G-RX6) or a separate vario attached to your receiver.

Logical Switches:


L25 is active if the rudder stick moves at the same time than…
L26 … 
the aileron stick
L27 is the actual timer switch. It is active (Sticky) if L25 is true. It is deactivated if L29 is true.
L 28 checks if vertical speed is under a certain threshold. VSpd < 0.3m/s works for me.
L29 is active if L28 is true for at least 10 seconds

Timer Setup


L27 triggers those timers you want to be running

Special Function (Optional)


Mostly self-explanatory. Just a couple of special functions to announce timers being “on” or “off” and the optional switch to reset timer 1. I keep Timer 2 running to sum up the day and reset Timer 1 after each flight (if I don’t forget).

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