REVOC F3k Transportation bag

Transportation Sleeve for F3k Vortex 3. 

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I have already sent the video to you. I put it here again if you want to revisit:

The 2 Revoc Components

  1. One wing bag to hold both wings and the elevator. With zippers to close, handles to carry and velcro to attach the fuselage bag. No fix separation between the wings but a “floating” insert which can be removed. The wings will be put into the wing bag with the existing protection sleeve.
  2. One fuselage bag to cover the fuselage including the rudder. The rudder will be put into the wing bag with the existing protection sleeve. There will be a hole where the elevator dome is to enable usage of the fuselage bag with the elevator fixed on the fuselage.

Attaching the two bags together

The bags are not permanently attached. But can be attached to one another in two ways:

1. The fuselage is fixed on the trailing edge of the wing. It will be attached with Velcro. There will be the same side of velcro on the wing bag and around the fuselage bag. The other side of the velcro is sewed on one side of the wing bag (see pic) not to get lost. That velcro then goes over the fuselage bag to stick on the other side of the wing bag again.

2. The fuselage is fixed in the middle of the wing bag. The same velcro is used, just the position is different. The picture should make it clear.

The position of velcro and handles:

How the wings and elevator will be put in the wing bag:


All measurements are made without adding any “slack”.