Alta Via del Monte Baldo

While Philippe was on the slope flying his gliders, I left the beautiful but too popular (i.e. too crowded)  main hiking route of “Sentiero del Ventrar” and decided to attempt the Alta Via del Monte Baldo towards Punta Telegrafo.

It didn’t seem difficult but the walk soon became steeper and rougher and turned into a path on the mountain ridge. The fog started to kick in at around 2100m and the upper part of the mountain was clouded in the fog….  The idea of going down on the slippery rocky ridge was not at all funny so unfortunately I headed back down to where Philippe was flying..

The Italian does not seem to really care to tell hikers how high they hiked (i.e. not many signalisation with the location point and the height) so I am not sure till which point I went up.

Cime de Ventrar 1752m
Cima delle Pozzette 2132m
Cima del Longino 2179m
Punta Telegrafo 2200m

Monte Baldo Modell Glider Flying

Getting up to the Monte Baldo (1752m) from the lake side is easy. The Funivie (Cabin) brings me up to the top and another 10 minutes of walking to the flying spot “Colma di Malcesine”. A huge mountain shoulder with enough space to land even the biggest models.

A fellow model glider pilot told me that he was able to fly DS with speeds up to 350km/h at one end of the shoulder. But as it is easy to get up, the many day tourists make safe dynamic soaring possible only after the last cabin has gone down.

For me it was pleasant thermal flying and safe landing against the slope with a Shinto J and a Thermik XXXL.