Kumano Nachi-Taisha

One of the main three shrines in Kumano, Nachi-Taisha, nestled in a dense mountain forest. A very picturesque pagoda was erected in front of the tallest waterfall in Japan (133m).

We arrived around 3 pm and started from Daimon-zaka, walking up to the Nachi Taisha gate. This uphill path, paved with moss-covered stone and lined with massive cedar trees, is part of the Kumano Kodo (pilgrimage route).  History can be felt.  We were happy to see many visitors coming down and only very few walking up.

By the time we got up to the gate of the shrine, there were very few people, maybe because of the rain. We enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountains and the tranquil atmosphere for a while, before heading to the less tranquil waterfall also visited by a noisy Korean bus tour group.

More about the Nachi Taisha Shrine

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