Via Aplina, Engelberg to Engstlen Alp

Via Alpina route, Section 7
Engelberg (1000m) – Trübsee (1780m) – Jochpass (2207m) – Engstlensee – Engstlen Alp (1834m), 11km, with 1285m up and 455m down

Starting at the foggy Engelberg and heading for Trübsee.

After a steep uphill of 800m, the Trübsee was also in the mist.
But soon it opened up and gave me a complete view of Mt. Titlis (3238m).

While walking around the lake, the mist streamed in and out. It was so beautiful that I felt as if I were in a dream. I stood there, completely captivated by the beauty of the nature.

Heading up to Jochpass and looking back the Trübsee and the Engelberg valley.

Beyond the Jochpass, Engstlensee was shining in the afternoon sun.  A lone fishing boat was on the mirror-like lake and some were fly-fishing. It was so peaceful.

A quiet Engstlenalp and a traditional mountain hotel for the night.

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