Spectacular Fitz Roy – Patagonia

El Chalten – Viewpoint – Viewpoint – another Viewpoint – Poincenot – La Laguno de los Tres (and back)

23km – 6h50 – 1’012 m up and down

Who hasn’t heard the story of the alpinist who wanted to go up the super challenging and beautiful Fitz Roy so badly, that on his way up, he would drill about 600 holes with a compressor to fix his ropes, leave the compressor hanging somewhere close to the top (it’s apparently still there) and remove the few top bolts for the next climbers to struggle more.

Well, no climbing for us, just a bit of comfy hiking to some of Patagonia’s best “miradores” (view points) looking at the iconic peak with a few hundred others having the same idea. Stunning 3 days of sunny, blue sky weather during our stay in El Chaltén. We read about somebody who never saw more than 3 sunny days in Patagonia in a row over a period of several years! Seems we’re blessesd.

Enough, just look at the pictures.

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