Mega campground (1’100 sites!)

Banff National Park

Can you imagine camping at a humongous 1’100+ campsites? We couldn’t – until we did.

The Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff is almost like a town in itself, with wide crossroads, a ring road around it, street names and districts – or so. There is even an one-and half hour Tunnel Mountain Campground Trail, where I saw wild animals in the morning.

The views around the campsite is stunning in every direction, Mt. Rundel (2’900m) and Mt. Cascade (2’998m) towering over the site.

In the end, we camped among the trees and it was not as bad as we thought it would be.

Banff Gondola

I hesitated a lot when we arrived at the parking lot in the evening and it was still like a zoo and steaming with loud tourists (we are getting more and more crowd intolerant…).

But we decided to give it a go and got on the gondola to be swept up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain (1’692m).

A 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains as well as the Banff town: Cascade Mountain (2’998m), Mt Rundle (2,946m) close by, Lake Minnewanka and impressive Matterhorn-like Aylmer further away. Our in-front-of-campground Tunnel Mountain looked insignificant and we could see some of our paths we walked near Bow River. Beyond the town of Banff there is just wilderness.

While other tourists took photos and left, and the crowd was thinning out eventually, we stood happily looking at the mountains under the still strong day light. I was following the shapes of the mountains and day-dreaming potential hike paths which I could make…