Lake Louise

We had a rather bad idea to visit one of Canada’s most famous destinations on Canada’s national day. We left Lake Louise’s shore to walk up to Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes where one can find one of two famous tea houses. Up to there – a colorful human zoo. Families with toddlers, flip-flop hikers, tour groups, serious sportsmen and combat hikers. But after it got better. The masses did not go up to the Big Beehive which got its name because the rock looks exactly like it, a beehive. From up there we saw what we like most – phenomenal views of Lake Louise with its amazing green tea latte color and the mountain panorama.

On the way back we took the route to the second teahouse, Teahouse of Six Glaciers, and hardly saw anybody until we reached it. We decided to have a tea (what else, George) and also decided, that the teahouse itself is not worth the hike. The scenery a little higher up, where we can see the six glaciers and the Swiss-built hut, was definitely worthwhile!

There were occasional small avalanches and we could hear its roaring sound and snowing tumbling down. Here as in Switzerland many glaciers are receding, an alarming phenomenon, when we think of its consequence…

Here in Canada we found that people easily start to chat with each other. You typically cross somebody and say something like “how was your hike so far” or “what a beautiful panorama” or similarly casual. Depending on your own mood, time or willingness to chat, a conversation may develop. Today exactly that happened when we crossed an American couple from California who  apparently did not know what a glacier was nor has never seen one. We chatted happily until back to the Lake Louise Hotel about the glacier, American politics, its healthcare and Swiss banks…

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