Our first Motorhome

Today, on day 5 of our trip, we took over our home on wheels for the next three weeks. We booked a “Run of the Fleet 4” vehicle. “Run of the fleet” means that for a lower price you get a minimum standard guaranteed but the rental company can decide which precise vehicle category you get at the time of check-in. We got lucky. We got one of the top models :-). A 9.5 meter long, 3.7 meters high and rather wide thing with a “living room” that can be electronically moved sideways to increase space. It´s so big, it´s almost scary. But after a couple of hours of driving, the captain feels quite comfortable to sail that boat on wheels over the Rockies. Yeah… Finger in the nose… Fridge, freezer, microwave, gas stove & oven, shower, WC, AC, heating, 110V, and 12V power supply, lots of space to stow things.

We wonder whether we are going to like it. Whether we like the fact that while we move from one place to the next, there is no check-in, unpacking, packing, check-out routing to go through. Whether we like the shower big enough for me to turn in if I fold my shoulders backward, roll back my fingers, tuck my tummy in and turn on the tip of my toes like a ballerina (but without the grace). On verra.

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