Little joys in the Orosi Valley

Sometimes we are fed up with bad bread, weak filter coffee or carelessly or unimaginatively prepared food. Theses are the moments when a small thing can make our day.

In the Orosi valley, we had a few of those moments 🙂

Almost hidden next to a colorful fruit shop, Yasuko walked into a tiny smoothie  shop. She ordered a mora (blackberry), fresa and mango smoothie and fell in love.

Next to it, there was a Swiss bakery where we had a nice chat and an impromptu jam tasting with Swiss native Francisca in her Panaderia Suiza. An excellent espresso and some delicious pastries gave me a zen moment.

Then we made one of our many “let’s check the menu” stops at restaurant Don Juan on the other side of the Orosi Valley. Well, this stop turned into a meal. When you see many locals in a restaurant, you don’t need Tripadvisor anymore. We had an excellent meal with a lime & mint Juice for Yasuko and my favorite local beer Bavaria Gold. Lots of families, likely from the nearby capital, sharing the terrace and the views.

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