Hot River Bath in the Reykjadalur Valley

Yasuko, Lia, Luca and I decided to go for a walk up to a small river with hot water. That was fun. We started from the outskirts of Hveragerði and walked for about 1.5 hours to a place where a 45°C warm river meets his little brother carrying 10° cold water. Depending on the precise spot you sit, you have exactly the temperature you like. It’s a popular weekend outing close to Reykjavik which attracts quite some people. While walking up, we came across a boiling water source with a little warning sign saying „Danger, Achtung, 100°C“. All around, a steamy landscape. What a scene. We spent 2 hours up bathing and pick-nicking and walked back in the rain. A small adventure we all will remember. The kids loved it. Yasuko felt at home 🙂

Collapse and Destruction of a Chocolate Desert

We had a wonderful evening at the Restaurant Grillmarkadurinn in Reykjavik. To finish that great meal, a few of us had

served with mascarpone sabayone, warm caramel and coffee ice cream

Delicious! Those of us who first decided not to go for it, ordered once they saw the piece of art we got served. Look how it is presented and what happens after the hot caramel is poured over the chocolate sphere. A beauty.

What happens next is less beautiful but nevertheless impressive and impossible to put in words… watch the movie…