Bernina Trek Day 3

Spinas 1815m –  – Alp Suvretta 2128m – Jenatsch Hütte 2652m – Val d’Agnel – Gletschersee – Chamanna Jenatsch

Spinas Berghotel
Joyful Spinas Berghotel and a wonderful breakfast. Their selection of home-made bread was simply a delight!

Flowers, flowers and flowers…

The forest along the river was full of flowers and insects, a beauty preventing me from moving on.

This part of the path from Spinas to Alp Suvretta is apparently known by mountain bikers and indeed, many of them were rolling by. I am always impressed by the number of silver haired bikers in the Swiss Alps. The Swiss are used to have hobbies at all live stages. This pays off when retirement comes. Unlike in Japan, you find a lot of retired people on demanding hikes, steep mountain bike treks or swimming in the lake.

Wonderful Alp Suvretta
The friendly woman from the Alp Suvretta farm gave me some good tips on the upcoming hiking route. This farm also offer fresh home-made yogurt and cold Holunderblütensirup (elderflowers syrup) to hikers and bikers, completely equipped with all cups and utensils for consumption. A small sign says to put whatever amount seems suitable in the cup next to the mountain water cooled yoghurt. I see this type of offer from time to time at mountain huts and farms, and this lovely gesture of kindness always warms my heart with gratitude.

Wild Val de Bever
After passing this area, the gravel road finishes and there were no more bikers. It becomes wilder and there was no one on the trail. I made a short lunch break, perched on the rock, looking down the river. Absolute tranquility.

Then an uphill started to the hut.

After I arrived at this rather large hut and prepared for my bedding, I went down to the dining room and discusses with a hut guard the next day’s route over a cup of hot chocolate. There were two route options for tomorrow, a shorter one and a longer one. During our conversation, she suggested that I can still walk up to a beautiful glacier lake in half an hour. Since I arrived at the hut before 3 pm, I had plenty of time before dinner and so decided to put on my shoes again and head for that recently created no-name lake. At the entrance another Swiss hiker saw me leaving again and asked surprised: “Are you not tired?”

Amazing Glacier Lake

This short hike turned out to be today’s highlight. The color of the lake took my breath away and I rushed to the lakeside to see this incredible color. Apparently the glacier is sadly melting and turned into a lake. It was so beautiful that it was like walking around the lake in a dream. The nature amazes me and its fragility teaches a good lesson.



Last day in Vancouver Island – Strathcona Provincial Park

After yesterday’s long hike, we settled for short walks in the Gold River area on our last day in Strathcona Provincial Park.

The first stroll led us to “Lady Falls”. Bigger than expected, we stood on the falls viewpoint platform and were splashed by the mist and the cold morning breeze. It did not take us long to feel cold and head back.
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Lake Bedwell Hike

5h, 9km, 600m elevation change

We debated which hike to do in the Strathcona Provincial Park. There is a 9-hour and 1200m-uphill hike, a 7-hour hike to alpine lakes with only 600m up or a 9-hour stroll along Elk River and an alpine lake, just to name a few… all the hikes are rather strenuous, long and steep. I’m in love with hiking and used to long tours but nevertheless, 7 to 9 hours is rather long and make Philippe, well, let’s say, hesitant.
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Myra Falls Hike

Lower Myra Falls

Today’s first hike spot in the Strathcona Provincial Park is Lower Myra Falls. We had to drive from the lodge to the end of Buttel Lake and around it. We saw hardly any other car on the road but when we arrived at the trailhead, surprise, we were not alone! Continue reading “Myra Falls Hike”

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